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Shane McCusker
Managing Director

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Intelligence Recruitment Software

Intelligence Recruitment Software

"The bottom line is that recruitment agencies using Intelligence Software are more efficient, professional and profitable than their competitors."

Intelligence Recruitment Software is designed to increase the profitability and efficiency of your recruitment business. Through simple and clever information management we do more than simply recording data, we allow you to get clarity about what is going on in your business, spot opportunities and make the most of the business intelligence you already possess.

1ntelligence is a recruitment database created to provide consultants with the best possible tools to drive their business. 1ntelligence records and manages all the steps of the recruitment process from the early stages of business development to placing candidates. More importantly, 1ntelligence uses its information to provide consultants with clever and timely information allowing them to make placements faster, more efficiently and make more money.

We recently ran a seminar for the recruitment industry. Here is a very short sample of what happened.